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Orchard Place is a not-for-profit organization serving children and their families. Our mission is to develop strong futures for children and youth with mental health and behavioral challenges. By interceding early with appropriate care, we develop stronger futures for our young clients. To accomplish this goal, we operate four branches:

  • Orchard Place/Child Guidance Center - our outpatient community mental health center for children, adolescents and families. Our Child Care Resource & Referral program assists families to find quality child care and supports quality improvement in child care programs through training, technical assistance and on site consultation.

  • Orchard Place Campus - a residential 103-bed Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children serving children who have severe mental health/trauma issues ages 10 to 18.

  • Orchard Place/PACE Juvenile Center – our community-based division providing daily skill-building services for a diverse population of youth and families struggling with mental health, behavioral and substance abuse issues. 

  • Orchard Place/Integrated Health Services -(also known as Pediatric Integrated Health Home) provides care coordination and family support services to children and youth with a serious emotional disorder. IHP actively involves the family as the key decision maker for their child on setting goals to achieve success and to access services that support the mental and physical health needs of their child. For more information call 256-3450 or email ihp@orchardplace.org

The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services is a community-based correctional agency which provides a variety of services to approximately 8,000 offenders in South-Central Iowa. We provide supervision and treatment to offenders prior to conviction, post conviction, and for offenders in residential settings. We utilize evidence based practices to achieve our Vision of "A Fifth Judicial District with No More Victims".

America's Job Honor Awards is a nonprofit initiative designed to help disadvantaged citizens enter the workforce. We celebrate people who overcame barriers to employment, and the employers who hire them. Our mission is to rekindle hope and energize the work ethic across the nation, through the celebration of a new kind of hero.

ASK (Access for Special Kids) Resource Center is a parent training, information, and advocacy center for families of children with special needs across the state of Iowa. ASK's services are available to help families navigate and access the disability-related supports available to meet the needs of the individual. ASK is a family-driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Blank Children's Hospital is committed to improving the lives of children and families. We embrace a family-centered care philosophy where families are recognized as the most important part of a child's healing process and are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's care. Our care philosophy has shown that children are less anxious, require less medication and recover faster. Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our hospital. We believe in supporting our community through program, services and collaborations which directly and indirectly help all children and families.

The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) Project is an outreach educational program provided to local schools through Blank's Center for Advocacy and Outreach.

The Bureau of Family Health promotes the health of Iowa families by providing resources for health care services through public and private collaborative efforts. We advocate for services that are family-centered, community-based, and culturally sensitive. Through these efforts, community entities are empowered to develop local health care systems that meet present and future health needs.

A non-profit social service organization that serves all people in need with compassion, competence, advocates for justice, and encourages all people of good will to join in these efforts. Counseling is available for individuals, couples, and families. People of all ages and backgrounds are served.

The Central Iowa ACEs 360 steering committee is a broad-based coalition of business, education, nonprofit, and philanthropic entities that are leading efforts to raise awareness on the lifelong impacts of childhood trauma and to support efforts to prevent or mitigate its effects.

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) is a program to support quality child care throughout the State of Iowa. CCR&R is available to assist families in selecting child care providers who best meet the needs of a child and their family. Child Care Consultants provide on-site consultation to licensed preschools, centers, non-registered home providers, and the Child Development Home providers. The Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) is the regulatory agency for early childhood care and education. CCR&R supports providers in complying with state regulations. Training in a variety of topics is offered to child care providers to not only meet licensing/registration requirements but to also improve the quality of care. CCR&R's collaborate with other community partners regarding child care issues in Iowa.

Child Health Specialty Clinics (CHSC)serves children and youth , birth through 21 years of age, who live in Iowa and have or are at risk for a chronic condition and have a need for special services. CHSC includes Iowa's Title V program for children and youth with special health care needs, in addition to other programs funded by federal, state, and local partners

Division of the Coalition for Family and Children's Services in Iowa. An organization of members that work together to influence and shape policy and practice for the betterment of Iowa children and families.

Children and Families of Iowa (CFI) was founded 127 years ago and is dedicated to providing excellent outpatient mental health services to children and families in Polk county and surrounding areas. CFI offers evidence-based, trauma-informed therapies to individuals, families and couples age zero through the life span. CFI also provides trauma-informed trainings and consultation to community organizations throughout the state of Iowa.

Community Support Advocates (CSA) provides support services to almost 1100 individuals. Our employees partner with persons served for growth and resiliency. The individuals we support experience a wide range of disabilities, including intellectual disabilities and other developmental disabilities, brain injury, mental illness, and substance abuse. Although our office is located in Des Moines, Iowa; Community Support Advocates provides Integrated Health Program services in Polk, Jasper, Story, and Warren counties. We also provide services in such areas such as community living, employment and education supports, and recreational supports to individuals in Central Iowa. These services are driven by choice, with a focus on individualized community services and supports, and maximize community integration.

Des Moines Public Schools is the largest provider of public education in Iowa, with more than 30,000 students and nearly 5,000 teachers and staff at work in more than 60 schools throughout the community. Our students, parents, teachers and staff come from many different backgrounds, all of which contribute to the richness of our community. The wide range of opportunities in Des Moines meets the academic interests, abilities and goals of every student. Our educational programs include International Baccalaureate curriculum, Montessori school, the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted Education, and Central Campus for AP programs and career/technical programs.

Founded in 1898, Des Moines University comprises three colleges offering nine graduate degrees. Des Moines University offers degree programs in medicine and the health sciences. The singular mission of the University is to develop distinctive health professionals committed to health promotion, the discovery of knowledge and service to the community. The Department of Behavioral Medicine, Medical Humanities

Private therapy practice specializing in child and adolescent therapy.

EMDR & Beyond is a training and healing center for addressing trauma. The center provides education, training, and consultation to clinicians and agencies. The center also provides therapy for healing adverse life experiences.

Employee and Family Resources (EFR) is dedicated to helping people manage life's challenges so they can reach their full potential. Delivering prevention, intervention, and treatment services that support and enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities.

The Generation Wellness Coalition (GWC) is a network of providers and community members advocating for greater compassion and understanding in interactions that promote social, emotion, mental, and physical wellbeing of individuals in Dallas County.

The Iowa Chapter is a member organization comprised of the Children's Advocacy Centers within the State of Iowa. The Chapter is responsive to the unique needs of each Child Advocacy Center and assists with the development, continuation and enhancement of the Child Advocacy model. The Iowa Chapter serves as the leading resource within the state for the Child Advocacy Centers and facilitates a network dedicated to a coordinated and comprehensive response to child abuse.

The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault is a statewide organization comprising comprehensive sexual assault programs, sheltering programs, and culturally specific programs. IowaCASA has a number of initiatives including training and technical assistance; prevention activities; a program supporting rural Sexual Assault Response Teams and victims in later life; programs assisting campuses and advocates who are persons of color; a legal program providing assistance to middle, high school, and college students who are sexually assaulted; and several national projects.

In 2009, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) received a five-year grant award from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). This grant takes a comprehensive approach to child wellness, with an emphasis on preventing problems before they occur and intervening early when problems are identified. The grant is called Project LAUNCH. Project LAUNCH funds are currently used to provide intensive services to high-risk families with children age 0-8 in a seven zip-code area of inner-city Des Moines. This area is characterized by poverty, high rates of teen pregnancy, racial health disparities, low educational achievement, and significant rates of domestic violence. Visiting Nurse Services, a non-profit human services organization, contracts with IDPH to implement evidence-based programs and practices within the target area.

The Child Welfare Research & Training Project (CWRTP) evaluates programming, conducts research on outcomes of programs, trains Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) employees, and assesses for quality and technical assurance for many of the programs housed within Iowa DHS. The CWRTP provides technical assistance in Early Intervention, Youth Services, Domestic Violence, and Parent Partners. The CWRTP works to ensure that Iowa’s children and families receive services and care informed by best practices that lead to safety and overall well-being.

Specialized court system within the 5th Judicial Court District. Juvenile Court Services work with youth who have been referred by Law enforcement due to alleged delinquent acts. These services focus on accountability, rehabilitation, and safety for community youth.

Mr. Kim Combes of Combes Counseling and Consultation, is a certified nurtured heart approach trainer, adoptive parent, trauma-informed provider and national presenter.

LifeWorks was founded in 2000 and provides outpatient therapy to children and families in Polk and surrounding counties as well as school-based therapy in the Ankeny school district. LifeWorks is also proud to offer Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS) and an Integrated Health Program (IHP) to the families we serve. LifeWorks is dedicated to providing excellence in the provision of mental health services and working collaboratively with the communities of Central Iowa in order to promote wellness and improve whole health.

Mid-Iowa Health Foundation is a private, grantmaking foundation with the mission to serve as a catalyst and partner for improving the health of vulnerable people in greater Des Moines, Iowa.

Mosaic is a faith-based organization serving 175 adults with intellectual disabilities in the greater Des Moines area. We provide services in group homes, apartments, and host homes, and we are licensed to provide ICF/ID (Intermediate Care Facility for persons with intellectual disabilities) as well as HCBS-24 SCL (Home and Community Based Services- 24 hour supported community living/ Intellectual Disability Waiver). Mosaic is part of a larger not for profit organization headquarted in Omaha, Nebraska serving people with intellectual disabilities in ten staes and internationally.

A charitable non profit organization of volunteers specializing in education, support, and advocacy for persons with mental illness, their families, and the community.

New Beginnings offers a variety of services to support families. New Beginnings has staff experienced to provide therapy, child welfare, foster care, behavioral health intervention services (BHIS) and community mental health waiver. They have worked with clients on mental health symptoms, parenting skills, child development, relationship concerns, family dynamics, behavior management, and trauma.

Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services provides services for victims of violent crime in Polk County. Services include advocacy, counseling, and immediate intervention/crisis response. Services are free and confidential.

The Polk County Board of Supervisors created Polk County Health Services (PCHS) in 1976 to develop and oversee a local network of services and support for people with mental illness, intellectual or other developmental disabilities. Today, PCHS remains a private, nonprofit organization, governed by a community board that is committed to offering effective and responsive local services. As defined in Iowa Code, PCHS serves as the Regional Mental Health and Disability Services Administrator. By working together with a network of local organizations, Polk County annually services approximately 9,000 Central Iowans.

Prelude Behavioral Services is a CARF accredited behavioral health organization helping Iowans with substance use, problem gambling, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Prelude is dedicated to the possibilities of change and committed to enhancing quality of life through accessible behavioral health services. We value the strength and resiliency of each individual and work in a partnership with you to identify goals and work towards achievable change.

The mission of project IOWA is to serve as a bridge the underemployed and unemployed persons seeking living wage careers and employers seeking workers; thereby transforming lives and benefiting communities.

Respite Connection is a human service agency specializing in serving individuals with special needs and their families. We provide respite, supported community living and outpatient mental health therapy.

Travis shares a story of overcoming obstacles to achieve success against all odds. He previously impacted our community as an ER nurse and mobile crisis worker. He now travels the country speaking and performing to inspire trauma informed change. He is also the author of "Overcoming Emotional Trauma: Life Beyond Survival Mode".

Woodward Community Based Services, a division of Sequel Youth and Family Services, was established on July 1, 2006. On average, at any given time, approximately 400 youth and families are receiving our services. All programs are predicated on the firm conviction that every youth and family we serve has the potential for greatness; that undreamed success at home, at school, and at work are eventually achievable.

The Young Women's Resource Center (YWRC) supports, educates, and advocates for young women ages 10-21. We offer small groups and individual support focused on self-esteem, healthy relationships, and reproductive health. Teen moms receive additional support focused on parenting skills and education.

Youth Emergency Shelter and Services (YESS) provides a continuum of services to youth (birth-17) including; emergency shelter, crisis intervention, case management, and counseling/clinical services in an effort to heal families and change lives. YESS' range of services meet the physical, mental, and social health needs of children and teens' creating a strengths based and trauma informed environment where our clients thrive.

Zero To Three is a national non-profit agency focused on the development and well-being of all children under the age of three. Safe Babies Court is a local project aimed at combining judicial leadership and systemic interventions to best meet the needs of the children and families entering child welfare because of safety concerns. Safe Babies Courts provide community coordination, training, consultation, and resources to families and the community in which they live. The Safe Babies Court utilizes resources within the community to meet the social-emotional, developmental, environmental, and cultural needs of families served within the child welfare system.