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Annual TIC Conference

The Annual Psychological Trauma & Juvenile Justice Conference provides education/training on current research and practice trends by brining national speakers to Iowa. Local and regional initiatives are also highlighted to demonstrate how organizations can implement trauma informed practices throughout the larger system.

TIC Project Success Stories

TIC Project Related Publications
The Iowa Job Honor Awards, an initiative aimed at recognizing Iowans who have overcome barriers to employment, has announced its top honorees for 2017.
A Guide to Workplace Bullying (from UK) which provides very helpful advice and information for people who may have experienced or continue to experience bullying or discrimination at work.
Cathy Beck-Cross, a TIC Project Stakeholder and Associate Professor of Social Work; Social Work Program Director/Department Chair at Grand View University, embeds teaching trauma informed care into the Social Work curriculum and encourages it throughout the University. Now the University has launched the Emergency Grant Program to help students in times of unexpected stressful situations. This program exemplifies practicing trauma informed care.(Source: Grand View University)
Four representatives from a local high school joined us for our annual TIC conference this year. They highlighted their programming at the high school regarding Trauma Informed Care and ACEs. Great work, SCAVO! Keep it up, you certainly are a champion!
Throughout America, many public and private organizations help people obtain meaningful employment by providing technical and life skills training. Their clients frequently have significant barriers to employment, including criminal histories, physical or intellectual disabilities, and a lack of marketable skills. These workforce development agencies provide an opportunity to break the cycle of low-paying jobs and welfare reliance. It’s important to spread the word about these organizations so people know where to go for help. America's Job Honor Awards illuminates the path out of poverty by sharing success stories. America Job Honor Awards thinks it is time to celebrate a new kind of HERO! Kyle Horn is the Founder & Director of the Iowa Job Honor Awards. This video tells about one story of Edward Roberson from Iowa.
The 5th Judicial Unit of the Department of Corrections has made several changes to improve services and include Trauma Informed practices. Here you will find a PDF of quotes from several staff members sharing their changes. The work the 5th Judicial Unit has done is to be commended! Way to go!!!